Smarter and Decisively Harness & Utilize resource information 


Who We Are   

Our Grandfather taught us to always give your best, He said your attitude will get you further than money will allow you to go.

We use these good principles in all that we do, and we always try to  deliver  serious information and solid resources so that the customer and client always enable 100% success.

(Take the resource control test.) If its in your hands or within your reach and you want to successfully access & hold on truthfully how do you manage?? Be honest to yourself or anyone that takes this test must be honest. Stand in front of a solid wall at home or at a family members place. Stand facing the wall  with  your back straight and arms down get near enough to wall to where you can touch wall with just your fingertips as you raise both arms  straight in front of you. Do not move your back out of position, this will void test  and not complete test. After extending your arms to touch wall with fingertips , again bend your arms fully back to normal position. Now with your back not moving fold and extend your arms once again. Your fingertips should never touch this wall again under normal condition. Anyone can take this test throughout their life and the results will be the same. Inflow IQ gives you complete information and tools to fully understand and fully manage this Universal process.( Please understand that throughout your life you are going  to have people and resources that will be against you moving forward. It is highly important for you to strategically plan, organize, prepare ,stage and visualize ahead as if you already know something or someone is coming in to block your way.    

Here is a statement on how you can achieve success!!! (fill in the spaces). Your level of .............. must be matched by a high level of ...............


Clear your Mind of Negativity, exercise good thinking patterns, go to a relaxing place to refresh your mind.

Build a foundation of solid values,Morals and vision. Think on a higher but humble level.

Each day that you awake is a new blessing that only your creator could have granted you.

Seriously now, you have some major goals that you want to achieve. Increase your

prayer(At least 3 times daily with scripture readings). Start narrowing down what your purpose is in life. All of us were put here for a purpose.(Find yours.) 

Inflow IQ delivers a home run of success options. Our long-term goal is to directly better serve the individual with superior integrity. Sample rhyme systems "Your laughter may be elevated. More after Jay Dee celebrated." " Your ship has just come into dock. Door Tip as trust sum ascend to stock."

A. Donations for Danger-zone Ministries Below: Be Blessed & Fruitful.    We can help lift each other up, Even  with a deep & hard  fall  our strength through Gods grace will maintain us and allow us to get back up & on our feet.

 B, (  Inflow 500/500)  Elevate to a higher level of thinking, function & motivation. $25

500 Agenda & planning solutions,         500 serious & hilarious Rhyme & poetry systems. 1 hour duration.

C. Inflow outline) $ 20 Universal Information network resources &

   premium Emergency, consulting, resource networks,  counseling with Inflow IQ   and also features conference  forum. 1 hour duration.

D. Inflow  (past, present & future).  $50  Look back ,see & understand clearly 100% the fruit of your purpose.  2 hours duration.